Weightloss Tea – which one is best ? T has the answer

If there’s one thing that I know lots about it’s weightloss tea, I’ve always been a fan of the newest fad in the weightloss tea world.   I love tea, it doesn’t even have to be weightloss, I find if I’m having a crisis (a nail breaks or my tan is streaked lol) nothing works better than a nice cup of bubbly milky tea to make me feel better.  Anyway back to the subject at hand.  I first noticed how certain tea’s can help reduce the bloat about 10 years ago, and I have been drinking them ever since.

My first one was PuErh tea as I am a marketing persons dream I was sold on this tea as soon as Victoria Beckham was seen with a cup of it in her hand.  Now I have to say PuErh is great, and when I was drinking it I was extremely trim.  It tastes nice and doesn’t come with any toilet related side effects as many do if you don’t wish to experience these keep away from the ones that contain Senna, however tea’s with Senna are not allowed to be sold in Ireland.  I stopped drinking PuErh as I just got bored and wanted to try others.

Holland & Barret had a tea I think it was called Slim Tea it was very cheap but I didn’t like the taste and I really don’t think it worked very well.

I tried Skinny Mint Tea for a while, it was quite good but you have to order it online and it takes a while to be delivered, I saw before and after pictures of girls claiming their bodies had been transformed by this tea and I think if you used it for long enough you would get results I was trimmer but that could also have been down to diet and exercise.  In the pack you get 2 different types of tea bags a morning and a evening.  You take the morning one every day and the evening every second day as it has a laxative effect.  This product does help relieve a bloated tummy.

Next on my hitlist was MissFitSkinny Tea, I used it for 2 weeks, I didn’t notice any improvement or changes and I ended up giving it to my niece as she had heard great things about it and was going on holidays, I forgot to ask her how she found it.   I didn’t feel it worked for me.

My favourite Tea at the moment is  Yo Tea.  It is a tea specially formulated and exclusively sold at all Therapie Clinic’s.  I only discovered it by chance and it caught my eye as the packaging was quite similar to the Skinny Mint Tea, after talking to the lady working there I decided to give it a shot.  I am now on my third pack and I have run out as they are completely sold out at the moment in Therapie in The Square.  The tea itself tastes very nice its quite mild and is a nice drink.  If you do experience a laxative effect you can reduce your consumption of the Tea.  I think it’s brilliant for beating the bloat.   As soon as it comes back into stock I will be making a b-line for Therapie and picking up a few packs.



So girls if you are feeling sluggish or bloated and were contemplating trying a tea, I would definitely recommend you go for Yo Tea it’s the one I have found to be most effective. #Tea #Therapie #Beatthebloat #fitfam




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