I took you for granted and now your all gone – The day i ran out of bath salts !

I decided to do todays post after I realised I ran out of one of my most favourite products in the whole history of my being.  It was a product that for many years I have totally taken for granted that is until this evening when I reached for it and it wasn’t there.  The reason I think I have taken this product for granted for so long is because it only costs €1.80!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The product which I am sure you are just dying to know is Radox – Muscle Soak Bath Therapy Herbal Bath Salts.  After a long day’s shopping I decided I would hop into a lovely hot RADOX bath and relax and unwind.  You can only imagine how gutted I was when I had none left.  Then as I looked for an alternative I realised NOTHING ELSE would do, which obviously led me to this post.  This product is as old as the hills but its something that I have always used.  It smells devine and if you are feeling stiff or sore after a bath in these salts you will feel much better.  A word of warning however, it must be the bath salts you choose as they have a bubble bath option and I just don’t like it as much.


I find having a bath and unwinding really does help if I am feeling particularly stressed or over tired.  I love catching up on Hollyoaks while I’m soaking my worries away.  The world could be falling down outside the bathroom door and I wouldn’t blink a eye.  Afterwards my skin is like silk the bath salts really soften your skin.  I usually lash on body lotion so that even the next morning my skin still feels super hydrated.

A really nice and again very inexpensive body balm that I really like is Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Oat Body Balm, its one of those really nice simple products that feels really good on your skin.  There is actually a whole range in the Delicate Oat flavour, I have also tried the Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Lotion.  All of these products get the thumbs up from me.  Its a super thick creamy consistency, you know as soon as you open the jar that this product means business.  Its gentle enough to use on your face but to be honest I have never used it on my face so I’m not going to recommend it to you. Its delicately fragranced with a milky oat scent.  So girls treat yourself to some me time and enjoy a lovely little pamper session for under a tenner x #skincare #hotbath #relax #timeout



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