Beautiful Budapest & a few little post Breast Cancer Travel Tips

Last weekend my lovely Tom treated me to a weekend away in Budapest to help us get into the Christmas spirit by visiting one of the most magical Christmas Markets in Europe.  From the moment we hit the airport I knew this was going to be one of the best trips I’ve ever been on.

We had a very early flight on our first day and even though we were super tired when we arrived we braved the cold and visited the beautiful Buda Castle.  Its magical like a scene from a Disney movie, it’s basically another city on top of the city of Budapest.  We got on a really old-fashioned cable car and was transported up the hill to the castle.  The views were spectacular.  We were lucky enough to arrive when they were changing the Guard.  It was so entertaining to watch almost like a finely choreographed dance routine only with marching, guns and drum rolls.  As we walked around this wonderfully surreal place we stumbled upon Houdini’s house which was another little gem we weren’t expecting to find.   It was really cold that day and a little windy so we look freezing in all of our photos lol.

We then walked back to the hotel it was starting to get dusk and the lights were starting to come on in the city.  It was just so beautiful walking around everything looked so pretty.  After a power nap we decided to head out and get some dinner.  We found a Gypsie/ Italian restaurant and it was by far our favourite place to eat while over there.  The food was fabulous and the atmosphere was so relaxed and such an escape from reality, there was a lady singing in the background as we ate.  After filling our bellys we strolled around the markets and discovered what was going to be our addiction while we were there – chimney cake.  There was a street vendor selling them outside our hotel in fact there were lots of stalls selling them.  Good lord ladies they are the yummiest cakes ever they are served hot cooked right in front of your eyes and mixed with how cold it was this hot treat was HEAVENLY , our favourite was the almond coated flavour.  We rambled through the streets soaking up the atmosphere drinking mulled wine which was not very high in alcohol but was a lovely cosy drink and there were so many flavours to choose from, my fave was the apple flavoured and Tom’s was the white wine flavoured.

The next day we got up bright and early, Tom had said he booked transfers to an outlet so I could do a bit of Retail Therapy however he surprised me with a Helicopter ride over Budapest.  It was breathtaking, we zoomed around and took in all of the beautiful sights which looked like a little lego model city.  It was such a fun experience.  Then we went to the outlets and did a bit of shopping I didn’t really rate the outlet it was similar to Kildare Village only much more expensive and the shops weren’t as nice.  That night we visited the Christmas markets and OMG we had such fun.  Everywhere looked so beautiful, we tried all different types of street foods and of course the various different flavours of mulled wine.  There was a laser light show , lots of music so much to see and do.


Our last full day was Sunday and we decided to visit the Szechenyi Spa Baths , there are 3 large outdoor baths and 15 indoor baths.  We bought a day pass with a cabin and access to a relaxation area where we could relax on hammocks and avail of fruit cocktails and detox drinks.   The outside baths were brilliant I couldn’t believe I was walking around in a bikini in one of the coldest countries I’ve ever visited.  The water was so warm it was just so relaxing.  During the summer they have pool parties there and it was a really lively fun place to visit.  Our taxi driver told us the baths have healing properties and locals get prescriptions from their doctor to visit them.  We felt great after them.  I dared Tom to get into one of the indoor pools which was freezing it was very funny.   We spent our last evening making the most of the beautiful Christmas markets and taking in the magic for one last night before we had to be up bright and early to make our way home.

Teresa Tips for Budapest

If you like Steak get yourself into  a Hungarian restaurant they have the yummiest steaks

Try have breakfast in the Gerbeaud Hotel it’s really cool place to visit – the décor is so fab you will just spend your time looking around you in Awe

We had pre booked airport transfers which made getting to the hotel such a hassle free experience.   It’s a well know fact that getting a taxi at the side of the road will end up costing you as the Taxi drivers will basically rip you off.  The only way to travel is to get your hotel to book any taxis you need for you.  We made the mistake of hailing a taxi and we were charged double what we were for the same journey when we got the hotel concierge to book for us.

Visit Buda Castle its stuff fairy tales are made of.

Eat chimney cake

Forget fashion wear your Woolies it’s very cold but nice cold if that makes sense.

Post Breast Cancer Travel

This is the third or fourth time I’ve been away since I had Breast Cancer and it really had no impact on my travel plans.  Please don’t be nervous of travelling or feel vulnerable because after you have your first holiday you will be fine.

If you have had your lymph nodes removed make sure to wear the compression arm bandage to help make sure you don’t get blood clots.

Worried about travel insurance, well I had no problem getting Travel insurance there is a section which alerts you that you won’t be covered for any pre existing medical conditions which was fine I think the insurance for both of us cost €20 for the weekend.

Don’t forget to bring your tamoxifen with you

I think I really appreciate and enjoy visiting other countries after being sick I’m always just so grateful that I am still here and healthy and getting to see more of this wonderful world we live in xxxx

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