False hopes offered to Cancer Patients BOIL MY BLOOD !

Every morning when I wake up the first thing I do is grab my phone and pop onto Twitter to see what’s happening in the world.   This morning I came across this article courtesy of BBC  http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-38650739

Naima Houder-Mohammed British Army Officer was diagnosed with and beat Breast Cancer.  She had a relapse and her prognosis was not good and medical options limited.  She discovered Dr. Young and his clinic on the internet while searching for hope at this desperate time in her life.  Read the article in the link above.  It is stomach churning to see the amount of money that Dr. Young, when Dr. is used its used loosely this man isn’t even a real Doctor, took from this vulnerable young woman.

I’m sure there is not one of you out there who hasn’t seen an article claiming something non medicinal is a cure for cancer.  I always remember when I was going through chemo being warned by the hospital not to take any alternative medicines as some may have a contra indicative effect on the treatment.  They had so many incidences of people taking herbal remedies and ending up being extremely ill doing more harm than good to themselves.

Jesus I understand how desperate for hope you feel when faced with a Breast Cancer diagnosis.   I was there, my family was there with me, I would have given anything for a miracle cure which didn’t involve me loosing my hair and feeling exhausted.  I won’t lie I did research alternatives and I went for complimentary treatments such as Reiki which I found did help me emotionally.   The practitioner’s I went to did not for one moment encourage me to give up my chemo or promise me a miracle cure.

I read this article and I really felt myself hating Dr. Young even his correspondence with this dying woman was cold and money grabbing.  This lady was unfortunately very ill, desperate to stay alive and I guess when she though there was a glimmer of hope for her life to be saved she went for it.  Sadly she passed away at the age of 27.  My problem with this alternative treatment is that Namia is not the only person to suffer at his hands there have been others.  The sad thing is although he is facing a 3 year prison sentence this predator shows no form of remorse.  We can give out about hospitals and medicines but when I was being treated I felt my consultants and nurses really cared about my outcome.  They worked long long days and were always very supportive.  I am so grateful to the staff of St. James hospital for looking after me so well.

I can’t stress enough to girls, please don’t put your life in the hands of someone with no medical qualifications offering an alternative treatment and charging extortionate fees.  You deserve to give yourself the best fighting chance by being treated by the people who have devoted their lives to saving people.  Please do not take anything no matter how harmless you make think it is without checking with the Hospital as it could interfere with your treatment.  If you are going for alternative treatments check with the hospital first as some may not be suitable for you.  I know I was advised against getting massage however Reiki was okay.  Just make sure you go to a reputable practitioner.



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