Life – lessons learned, mistakes made and realising its never to late to change

Recently I have seen many articles raising the question – what would you tell your 16 year old self?.  I really like this question as although its too late to go back and relive life it is never too late to get on the path you want to be on.   And when you reflect on the decisions you have made it can be a time to take stock and perhaps learn from the past.

So what would I tell my 16 year old self hmmmmmm I guess career would be the first thing I would advise on, it’s probably where most of my regrets lay.  I was impatient, I wanted money YESTERDAY, so instead of following my passion which would have been a career in Acting or Media I listened when people laughed, I played it safe and settled into a 9 – 5 job, if I’m honest I have created a good life for myself from the jobs I have done but I have never really felt truly fulfilled.  Some jobs I really liked and I made so many good friends but at the back of it all I have always felt I haven’t met my full potential.   So my advice would be do what you are passionate about, what gives you a fire in your belly and you will never work a day in your life it will be an enjoyment for you.

Next, relationships, don’t settle, hold yourself in high esteem, respect yourself, treat someone as you would like to be treated, you are in control of how you are treated and you will only be treated in a way you accept.  If it’s not working let it go life is too short to waste time.  Go for laughs, loyalty, honesty and friendship everything else falls into place.

Friendships – a couple of really good friends are worth more that a million acquaintances.  Be a good friend and you will get great friendship in return.

Travel –  experience as much of the world as you can, it’s a beautiful place with so many amazing experiences to be had.

Opportunity – never say no to an opportunity, these days when my initial reaction is no and I am questioning how I would do something or I am nervous about trying something new – I just go for it.

Worrying about what people think, don’t do that for god sake, most people don’t even notice what is going on in your life as they are too consumed by their own.  Be true to who you are, don’t get caught up in picking fault with yourself, if people like you great if they don’t then that’s okay too.

You can’t control stuff, you need to go with the flow don’t worry about life so much, what will be will be.   Worry doesn’t solve problems.

Make time for people, meet for coffee, answer texts, make an effort to go to other people’s life events, if we all made an effort with each other the world with be a happier place.

A lesson that I learned after having Breast Cancer is that life is so fragile and precious.  I always want to do new things, I don’t have time for the stuff that doesn’t make me happy.   I get so annoyed these days if I feel I have wasted some of my precious time on something.  So don’t keep stuff for special occasions every day is special.  Take time out when it all gets too much and get yourself back on track.  Try not to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life.  When I am feeling like it’s all getting to crazy I get myself up to my happy place (the waterworks) and I just find it puts life back in perspective.




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