Battle of the Stars helping Breast Cancer Ireland Battle Breast Cancer

So as any of you who follow me will know last Saturday night I took part in Breast Cancer Ireland’s Battle of the Stars #BOTSBCI , myself and Dave O’Sullivan aka Deco Bishop (Fair City) were tasked with Lip Syncing “Dead Ringer for Love” as Meatloaf and Cher.  We spend the past few weeks rehearsing had a tremendous giggle along the way.   I think it is safe to say I can’t sing and I really can’t DANCE, but I had a great time making a fool of myself for a great cause.  There were so many well know faces in the line up it was a great experience and many firm friendships were forged along the way.  It never ceases to amaze me how generous people can be not only with their money but also their time.  Elaine Crowley saved the day by rushing from the IFTA’s to MC last-minute when Nicky Byrne was unable to attend, she did a great job and I think her passion and enthusiasm for Breast Cancer Ireland really shined through.

On the night there were 2 separate competitions one was the Strictly Dancing Competition and the other was the one I was competing in which was the Lip Sync Battle.  Myself and Dave didn’t place on the night but as Dave rightly pointed out it we were all winners to be a part of something so worthwhile and special.  Gerald “Bruno Mars” Kean won the Lip Sync and he really deserved it he is a wonderful man who dedicates so much of his time to charity.  In second place was someone whose act just made me giggle so much and that was funny man Eric “I’ve got great legs”  Lalor accompanied by his backing dancers Ann Eble , Maria Fusco  and Carol.   In the dance competition last years winners Stephen Hegarty and Paula McClean took the gold once again.  It was such an entertaining night.  For those of you who would like to take a look its available to watch on

Glitz and glamour is great but there is a serious side to all of this.  The friendships and the fun were a bonus but the real reason we were all there was to do our part to help Breast Cancer Ireland raise vital funds for their battle against Breast Cancer.  Annually approx. 2600 people are diagnosed with Breast Cancer, at some stage 1 in 9 women will be affected by Breast Cancer and there are over 600 deaths a year caused by Breast Cancer, so it’s no wonder that everyone has been touched in some way by this illness.

The money raised goes towards Breast Cancer Ireland achieving these goals

  • To create a National Bio & Patient Profiling Resource – where the eight designated cancer centres collaborate and share samples, thereby increasing volumes available for all Clinicians and Scientists to access
  • To create a State of Art Clinical Breast Cancer Research Facility offering translational therapies…from bench to bedside for patients diagnosed
  • To heighten awareness and education on the importance of breast health amongst women of all ages – Earlier detection will save lives.

Breast Cancer Ireland also offer a free Breast Cancer Awareness App which can be downloaded by following this link

If you would like to donate to Breast Cancer Ireland to further support their great work please text CURE to 50300 to donate €4



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