Sometimes you just gotta pamper yourself – how i banished dry patchy skin

I’m such a big fan of spray tan and last week I got my tan done on Wednesday and Friday – double trouble lol.  It looked fab I was thrilled, oh to have bronzed skin 24/7 would be a dream but alas I am not blessed with that type of skin.  So fast forward a week and my skin is feeling patchy and dehydrated.  It was time to bring out the big guns and restore my skin to its former pale, soft and supple glory.  Aveeno I’m talking about YOU !  I love this brand, the smell, the texture and most importantly the results.

The first thing I did was exfoliate to get rid of dead tanned cells, immediately I felt lighter.  Next I reached for Aveeno Body Wash, its got quite a thick texture you can feel it almost sink into your skin as you shower.  I also find the oaty Aveeno scent so relaxing I could nearly sniff their products all day long lol.  My skin was now squeaky clean so it was time to moisturise.

Firstly I used Aveeno Daily Moisturising After Shower Mist, oh you do not know my excitement when I discovered this product, this product will definitely feature in my 10 products I cant live without list.  I am such a fan of spray moisturisers, and this is the best one on the shelves.  I use it on Rhys skin also its just lovely.  I find spray moisturisers really handy if your in a rush, there are no difficult to reach areas you just spray spray spray.     But as I really wanted to intensively moisturise my skin after I used the spray, I then lashed on the Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion and I chose the Lavendar Aromo flavour as I was heading to bed and find the scent really chills me out.

Well I literally slid into my onesie, hopped into bed and let Aveeno work its magic.  The next morning I woke up with lovely soft supple hydrated skin.  Its so important ladies to invest time in ourselves and our skin.  By taking some time out and focusing on my skin I was able to rectify the dehydration that my skin was suffering from.  As I am having a party next week I will focus on my skin every day and up my Body Skincare regime.  For the next week I will stick to exfoliating, and lots of moisturising using all of the products I mentioned in the Aveeno range.  We focus so much on our faces that sometimes we neglect our bodies.  So girls set aside sometime and have yourself a little pamper party oh and while your at it maybe take a little time to do your monthly Breast Examination if you download Breast Cancer Irelands FREE Breast Awareness App  you will get discreet monthly reminders and also there is also a tutorial to show you how to check yourself correctly.


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