Foamy in Shower Conditioner – Pinch me please

I do love everything foamy, don’t ask me why I just love the novelty of products that foam up.  For example many years ago Johnson & Johnson had a baby oil mousse , I didn’t love it for how well it worked I love it because it was a foamy mousse.


So you can only imagine my sheer excitement when I was doing my weekly shop  and I noticed Pantene have a new product, its called In-Shower Foam Conditioner I bought 2 and skipped home.


I couldn’t wait to get this product in the shower and try it out.  So I washed my hair with Pantene Shampoo (Volume & Body) and then the moment I was waiting for it was time to condition my hair.  I sprayed it out it was like normal hair moose but more fluffy.  I applied it to my hair  and left it for a couple of minutes.  It was very light and airy on my hair and to be honest I didn’t feel it deeply conditioned my hair in fact the normal hair conditioner does condition hair more and because my hair was a bit tangled I did apply some of the normal conditioner when I realised that my hair needed a bit extra.

However  would I buy this product again? “HELL YEAH”, I just use it with my normal condition which probably doesn’t make sense but I just love the novelty of this product.  Also my hair is particularly knotty.  For people who have less dry hair this conditioner would work a treat as I can’t imagine it will make your hair greasy.

I also use it as a shower gel now I’m probably not supposed to but I find it’s really softening on my skin.  So for those of you with extremely dry hair this probably isn’t the product for you but for all others give it a try, it’s actually a nice little addition to the Pantene Range.


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