Catch up – here’s where I’m at gals x

Hey all, it feels like its been ages since I have written a proper post.  I’ve been kind of busy the past few months, I have taken the leap and have had a total career change, I’m defo enjoying my new found freedom and lifestyle change.  I still have a few dreams and aspirations to achieve but sure what would be the fun if I achieved everything all at once.  My life has definitely changed since I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer nearly 4 years ago now.  But it has changed for the better and I think I am happy with where i’m at.

I want to thank you all for the support for the blog in the Beauty Blog Awards it was brilliant for Breast Friends to be shortlisted I was thrilled.  Myself and my besto Tracy attended the awards we had a brilliant night and had the added bonus of Tracy being the winner of best Hairstyle on the night.






Then I went on holiday with Tom and the Kiddos.  We went to Lanzarote and stayed in the Sands Resort in Costa Teguise, well I have to say I would highly recommend the resort to anyone wanting to go to Lanzarote.  It just caters for everyone, couples, singles and families.  Bonus for me was i got my photo taken with a Dolphin, I love Dolpins and was thrilled with that.






I have also been involved in the promo for The Great Pink Run which is happening 9th September in the Phoenix Park.  I had a great day at the photo shoot with my pals Elaine Crowley, Shane Byrne, Olivia Carpenter I also had the pleasure of meeting one of my fave snapchatters Rosie Con and a wonderful man Paddy who is a hardcore supporter of Breast Cancer Ireland and absolute gentleman.  The event itself is going to be brilliant.  If you haven’t registered yet get yourself in gear and register here.

I will be taking part obviously but with a bit of a twist and with a very special friend so keep an eye out until we let the cat out of the bag.

A few weeks ago I threw a question out to all of my followers basically just asking where they were at in their journey.   Jesus I have to say you girls that follow my page never cease to blow me away with your positivity and bravery.   I read each and every response to my question and although no 2 of us are the same and all of our experiences differ we have so much in common.   Some of you girls are just starting out in your treatment, some have just finished, some have been cancer free for a number of years, some have had reoccurances, some will be on long term treatment (maybe forever) for their Breast Cancer.   Sometimes i find it difficult to write about Breast Cancer as sometimes there isn’t a happy outcome for someone diagnosed, even though survival rates have improved so much there is still lives lost to Breast Cancer and I don’t want to forget these ladies they are always in my thoughts.   The good news for most of us is that survival rates are high and thanks to research medication and treatment has improved so much that there are more happy stories than the sad ones we dread so much.    Anyways to get back to you girls whatever your situation or what you have been through i always find when i ask a question you always share in the hope that you can help other people on the page and you always do, i get so many messages from girls saying they don’t feel so alone seeing how many other people whom they can identify with are going through just the same.  Here is the link have a little read



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