Chapped lips gone for ever

If I had a Euro for every lip balm I have bought over the past 4 years I would be a very rich girl.  My lip balm obsession began when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and it has continued ever since.   Anyone who has been through treatment and the numerous hospital visits will know the toll it takes on your lips, they become chapped, dehydrated, deflated and sore.    When I was going through treatment I tried so so many, for months after my treatment I was still finding random lip balms everywhere, I don’t think there was a coat pocket in my wardrobe that didn’t contain one.  I also discovered that lip balm and the dryer do not go well together.  I often removed my clothes from the drier to find my missing lip balm and when I would open it up the balm would be empty it literally disappears in the dryer, I guess that is just a little mystery lol.


There isn’t a brand I haven’t put on my pout.   There are so many to choose from but to find the PERFECT one is difficult.  I was looking for something that would compliment my skincare regime and really hydrate and sooth my lips.   I have literally tried every brand, some I have only bought once and there are some that I have bought several times .  There are a few I really liked but I’ve never felt I had found “THE ONE”  that is until I discovered “Reve De Miel” by Nuxe Paris.  This lip balm doesn’t come in the lipstick style instead it’s in a little pot.    This product had caught my eye in the past but at €12 I had thought it was a bit steep for a product I would either misplace or it would end up in the dryer, but I was at a stage where I really needed serious TLC for my lips.


I have to say it was love at first sight with this product.   I can honestly say by looking at the packaging alone I knew it would be really good.  My intuition was correct.  I opened the pot and when I saw how thick and creamy the balm was I knew it was going to do exactly what Nuxe said it would.   I have been using the balm for 2 weeks now and my lips are in great shape.  This product is so much more than a standard lip balm,  when you put it on your lips you will know what I mean.  It’s like a nourishing treatment for your lips.  It has become a staple in my skincare regime.  At night before I go to bed I lightly exfoliate my lips using a soft toothbrush and then I apply the Reve De Meil.  In the morning I apply it when I am moisturising my face.  I keep it with me throughout the day and apply as I need it.    I am now raging that I didn’t discover this product when I was going through treatment because it really is that good.  I know its slightly more expensive than other lip balms on the market but this stands head and shoulders above any I have ever tried.  Girls if you are a lip balm addict like me you need this in your life I know you won’t regret investing in this lovely product, Nuxe Paris is a great brand, I have used other products in their range throughout the years but this is my absolute favourite in their range.

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