New Year New Me – I just gotta find my MOJO

Usually by about the 26th of December every year I am planning the year ahead, my notebook is full of stuff I want to achieve and resolutions I want to keep.  I’m always diving into the New Year over flowing with enthusiasm.  New Year –  new beginnings I love new beginnings  they always mean adventure and possibilities.   Even as a child “overly enthusiastic” featured regularly on my school reports.

This year however I’m not really feeling it, I’m not being negative but I’m not- sure where I am going to go with stuff this year.  Bear in mind I have had a dose on me since St. Stephens’s day so snotting and sneezing while trying to list my hopes and dreams for the New Year wasn’t really appealing to me.  It’s one of those doses that I am just too bunged up to think if you can picture it.

As I got ready to go to work today a little bit of me felt sad it really struck me how I didn’t have any MOJO / ZING / Enthusiasm or whatever you want to call it.  I really don’t want to lose that pep in my step, even if my little hopes and dreams may seem unrealistic feck it they are mine and make me who I am.

It was at that point today when some divine intervention took place in the form of my post man delivering a book I had forgot I had ordered.  It’s not so much of a book as a journal.  It’s called The Secret Gratitude Book.  Each day you list things you are grateful for and pave the way for more good stuff to come to you.  I just love it, its full of uplifting quotes and you girls know how much I love a good quote.  It’s an excellent tool if you are reading The Secret as it can help you implement the teachings into your own life.  I had this book a few years ago and I found it really good so you can imagine how happy I was when it landed on my doorstep this morning.






Without sounding too whack maybe it was a little message from the Universe to let me know I should never give up and keep counting my blessings.    Starting from this evening I am going to start filling my journal out daily.  I know before I even start that I do have lots of stuff to be grateful for but perhaps lately I was losing sight of the very thing I always preach – Be Grateful and Never ever ever GIVE UP.  I’ll let you know how I get on over the next month ……………………………………… MOJO I’m coming to get you xxxxxxxxx



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