100% Natural 100% Irish – I love this cleanser !

Nia –  Calendula and Orange Blossom Cleansing Balm

A few weeks ago I underwent EpiBrow treatment which you can read about in my earlier post – one of the best things I ever did.  Because the skin on the area needed the heal I had to use a gentle product to cleanse my skin which needed to be effective as I do wear quite a bit of make up.  I decided to use a cleanser from the Nia Skincare range, suitable for sensitive skins.

Facial Cleansers really bug me at times, over the years I have wasted more money on cleansers which I though would be brilliant and turned out to be let down’s.  Clean skin is a must and there is nothing worse than using a cleanser that just doesn’t leave your skin feeling squeaky clean or feeling dry and patchy afterwards.  I usually use gel based cleansers, with a hot cloth as I feel these give the best cleaning results.

This product describes itself as a gentle yet effective 2 step wash off facial cleansing balm suitable for daily cleansing and heavy make-up removal on even sensitive skin. Use daily to leave skin clean, soft and radiant.

It comes with 3 cleansing cloths however I prefere to use my own, I just think my own are heavier and just feel better.

I think the product has a cold cream texture, I applied it to damp skin, it smelled lovely but not overly perfumed it had a very relaxing scent.  And I have to say it was very effective at removing all traces of make up.  Afterwards my skin felt soft and hydrated, I didn’t get any tightened sensation and after I applied my moisturiser and I was left with a perfect base for make up.  In fact I have been using it ever since.

I know a lot of you girls prefer to use Natural products and I think this product range will really impress you.  Check out their website to see the full range http://www.nia.ie

Oh and they are a Irish company which is a bonus xxx



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