Pay Day Far Away dont fret you can still treat yourself

So if you are like me and are paid monthly then you will know how it feels to be rich for one week after you get paid, I can’t spend it quick enough lol then wham bam it’s budget time until next payday.

I do like to treat myself and makeup is my fetish, well I was in my pharmacy collecting my Tamoxifen prescription and while I was waiting I was having a little gander around the cosmetic section, the ranges they stock are really limited and usually nothing really catches my eye until I seen a really funky range of make up that had appeared.


It’s called Make Up Revolution and I have to say I really like their products.  They have several eyeshadow pallettes containing some really funky vibrant colours, I bought 2 pallettes and for the price I am really impressed at the quality of this brand.

I also got a strobe highlighter which is as good as any other highlighter residing in my make up collection.

I always bang on about how much I love contouring so I had to treat myself to their lovely contour pallette, I really need to attend a good Make Up Artistry course to improve contouring skills but I really like this pallette to help me practice and perfect my skills.

One of my most favourite things about these products is the price, there is no product in the range more expensive than €15.  It’s a really fun funky brand and a really inexpensive way to treat yourself. #makeup revolution #makeup


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