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I have recently been declaring my undying love to the Image Skincare Range and this post will be no different.  With the sudden change in weather I felt my skin was a little dehydrated so I decided it was time to mix up my regime.  I headed down to Therapie Clinic and sought advice from the girls there.


They recommended that I incorporate the Vital C range into what I am currently using.  I chose to buy one of their Vital C Christmas gift sets as they are such good value for money like  you get 3 full sized products, mine had the hydrating facial cleanser, hydrating repair crème and hydrating enzyme masque all stored in a lovely bag/case.   I was very excited with this purchase in fact if Tom is reading this post I wouldn’t mind another one of these sets in my Christmas stocking – hint hint nudge nudge babes x !!!

Hydrating by name hydrating by nature.  This range most certainly does what it says on the tin.  I’ll set the scene for you after buying the set I rushed home made a b-line for the bathroom and set up pamper shop there for the evening.  I cleansed my skin the first thing I noticed was just how gorge this product smelt.  Its a citrus organey scent.  The smell alone makes your skin feel clean.  The cleanser is a creamy cleanser, it doesn’t feel harsh on the skin nor does it tighten it.   Next up I applied the mask, again I found the scent of it just really theraputic.  I lay back in the bath watched some TV and chilled out while the mask done its work.   Next up I used the hydrating repair crème again it smells wonderful.  I applied the crème to my face and neck.  It was really hydrating.  The next day my skin was amazing, I had a perfect base for my make up.   I have been using it for about 2 weeks now and I feel it gives my skin the extra bit of TLC it needs in this harsh weather.   I still use the Image Ageless range but I only use it every third day now.  I will change my regime as my skin needs it from season to season.


I have to say since I have started using products from the Image Skincare Range my skin has really improved.   I don’t think its overly priced for what you get.  I believe your skin is your most important organ so invest in it and take care of it.  If you are unsure what products in the Image range would suit your skin do what I do, pop into Therapie Clinic and speak to one of the girls who have a wealth of knowledge about the products they won’t put you wrong.  I’m telling you ladies once you try this range you won’t be looking else where.

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