2017 What ya gonna bring ?

So as 2016 drew to a close I began to feel very excited about 2017 and what it would bring into my life.  I’m a big believer in opportunities falling on one’s lap and life changing forever in just one day.    I know some people had a really bad 2016 and were happy to see the back of it, kinda like my 2013 but to be honest 2016 was fine for me.  It wasn’t the best or most exciting year but lots of good and exciting stuff happened.    It wasn’t all joy and perfection I had my challenges as well, some that are coming into 2017 with me but sure that is life it can’t be brilliant all of the time.

Around St Stephens day my excitement at the prospect of new beginnings and what the new year would bring reached an all time high so I went out with a great sense of urgency to buy a note pad so i could write down my hopes and dreams for 2017 – best to make note of them in case I forgot anything lol ! I also wrote down my TO DO list.

‘Teresa 2017’ hopes and dreams and the TO DO list craziness ranged from getting at least 10000 more followers to my blog,  to completing a MUA course and being deadly at it.  Now I’m not going to share all of my lists with you just yet as when I showed them to Tom he literally looked at me, shook his head and said I live in a fantasy world.   I disagree DREAM BIG I say, dreaming small is boring, and well some of the things that I’ve done, people I’ve met and experiences I’ve had to me has been pretty amazing and definitely the stuff big dreams are made of so why should 2017 be any different.  My TO DO list was a bit more well BORING – things like getting my tooth implant done, for those of you who don’t know when I was having chemo it had an awful effect on my teeth, one day one of them just basically fell out, this missing tooth has really bothered me but since chemo I have had lots of dental problems and dental work done so I had a bit of a pain in my ass going to the dentist for the other stuff that I just haven’t addressed this but its on the TO DO list.

Although I kinda laughed at myself too at my list upon list, however what writing it all down did was really helped me see what should be No 1 on my list and that is getting clarity about what I want to achieve and be in this life.  At the moment I kind of feel like I am coasting on the verge of true contentment like its touching my finger tips but then just escaping.  I have the steady job, from time to time I get an opportunity to do the exciting TV stuff but I have a void and that is because I can’t get what I want if I don’t know what it is.  So maybe 2017 for me is going to be a journey of discovery.

On top of all that I will be hitting the big 40 in April, now one thing that my Breast Cancer experience thought me was to greet this milestone with open arms.  When I was in my early 30’s I would literally gag at the thoughts of hitting 40 but my god its amazing how a life threatening illness gives you a different prospective and appreciation for clocking up mileage on the age clock.  I’m thrilled to be hitting 40 and it will drive me to be the best version of 40 that I can be and if I do that, well then that will be one big TO DO off my list.

So looking back on 2016 there was highs and lows, on the up my son made his communion an event in our lives I cherished being able to celebrate, I completed my Kickstart 6 week programme which gave me a great sense of achievement, I was on Midday a couple of times, which was defo one of my 2016 best moments, as an ambassador for Breast Cancer Ireland I am honoured to be a part of a very special charity, helping raise awareness and funds for their amazing research they carry out which helps improve treatment for Breast Cancer and in turn saves lives.  On the down side my poor Luke Kelly died I had him 14 years, me and Luke had many adventures during our years as best friends and I was so sad to see my beloved boxer dog depart in fact I have a lump in my throat typing this.


So my plan of action for 2017 is that I am going to do my best, go for what I want and try to be a bit more chilled out.  As always I will try lots of new things and will embrace new opportunities as they come my way.  I really hope that Breast Friends can reach and help as many ladies as possible as that is what Breast Friends is really all about, to do that would be great success.

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  1. Geraldine Morris
    January 5, 2017 / 12:09 AM

    Feel very optimistic after reading this.Thank you. 2014 was my year but hit a bit of a downer this year.January blues,
    Up and fighting again, realising I’m so lucky.

    • Teresa
      January 12, 2017 / 1:55 PM

      I’m glad you like this post, hopefully 2017 brings great things to you x

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