Beating the boredom, need cheering up … turn on your TV !

This year I took quite a long Xmas break this year and I managed to catch up on and find some really good shows.   This gave me the idea for todays post, I decided I would put all of my TV watching to good use and make some recommendations for you guys.  When I was going through my treatment there were days when I was very tired and just needed to stay put in the house.   Also there was the 10 days which I spent in hospital after surgery, days like these can feel endless when you are not in a good place on top of not feeling well, so what better way to make the time pass than watching something entertaining that you can lose yourself in.   For those of you girls who are at that stage now here is my recommendations let me know what you think.

I downloaded 3 Player and More4 onto my phone recently they are great for catch up and boxsets.  I have a contract with 3 and for €55 per month I get unlimited calls texts and data.  Here are my new discoveries.

National Treasure – Ohhhh the DRAMA,  if you are a fan of Robbie Coletrane well you will like this.  It’s a real did he or didn’t he drama,  Robbie Coletrane is one half of a much-loved comedy act adored by the nation until his world is turned upside down by allegations of historic sexual abuse.  There are 4 episodes in it,  once you watch one episode you will want to get to the end of this plot.  The storyline is hard-hitting and very watchable.  Julie Walters is absolutely brilliant in it.

No Offence – I just love this I have watched all of Series 1 and they have only just release Episode 2 of Series 2 – I literally count the hours for the next episode.  It has a great cast including Will Melleor I always though he was a little hottie.   Michelle Keegan is also in it I really liked her she great in this .  There is a very strong feminine presence in this cast with really strong likeable characters.  I was hooked on Season 1 and Season 2 is proving to be just as addictive.


Flowers – Now I think this could be a bit of a Marmite show, you will either love it or hate it.  I’ve only watched a few episodes, it’s not hard viewing especially if you like that awkward diddery British humour.   Its kind of crazy but I just keep wanting to watch it.

Older shows that I just love – you will be able to get these on line on box sets

Extras – OMG I just love Ricky Gervais he is too funny and with all of the guest celebrity appearances you will be defo getting a chuckle.  Ricky Gervais plays a wanna be actor / film extra.  His character gets himself into lots of funny awkward situations.

The Office – David Brent is the funniest Boss ever, I could watch the Office all day long i think everyone will find this one super funny.

Fr. Ted – Now who doesn’t love Fr Ted – my god i still love to see Fr Ted on TV one of the best Irish comedies of all time.

Meet the Neighbours – Another great Irish show courtesy of PJ Gallagher – this is just too funny and really underrated.  It’s a mixture of lots of different sketches with lots of characters it just made me laugh so much.

Gavin & Stacey – Love this its full of lols and the cast is just brilliant so many talented comedians, I could just watch this over and over again.  It’s a love story with lots of funny side stories and even funnier characters.  Gavin’s Mum and Dad are hilarious when they are getting loved up they refer to each other as Charles & Camilla toooooo funny.

The Inbetweeners – Its bold and I love it.  Follows the shenanigans of 4 teenage boys and the stuff they get up to it absolutely cracks me up but does make me dread the thoughts of having my own teenage boy lolx.

And if it’s a good Movie you are after here are some of my all time feel good faves

The Snapper – A1 Sharon ekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk how could she !!!! I love this movie one of my all time faves.

Ghost – Oldie but a goodie, I watched it over Xmas, Patrick Swayze is so dreamy and Whoopie Goldberg is hilarious.  Tom had NEVER seen it and thought it was brill which is a big compliment because if it’s not guns and bombs and heads flying he’s not interested.

Dirty Dancing – Patrick Swayze again this one needs no explanation

Just Like Heaven – I just love Reese Withespoon, and this film always makes me feel good it’s a real chick flick.  Grab your girlos and watch this one.

Wedding Crashers – Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughan play 2 single guys who crash Wedding after Wedding sure it can only be hillarious

Bad Grandpa – Zac Efron mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm this is a light hearted, naughty funny comedy.  Zac Efron plays the straight laced grandson of Robert DeNiro’s character they bounce off each other brilliantly.

The House Bunny – hilarious story of a Playboy bunny thrown into the real world, brains aren’t her strong point lol, my niece brought it up to my house to watch it with me and we rolled around laughing.  We also found ourselves using the little sayings in it for ages after, ha how childish are we ?????

He’s Just Not that Into You – One of the most insightful comedys of all times.  This film was created from a book called He’s Just Not that Into You.  If you are single, dating or in limbo about whether or not a guy likes you, this film is full of wisdom.  I think the real message in this is priceless.  Get on it girls and blank anyone who isn’t valuing you like ya deserve !!!!!!!

And I can’t forget to mention some of my favourite day time TV shows

Hollyoaks – in my opinion the best soap, I am addicted soooooooooooooo addicted, its full of drama and excitement, i’m glued to it.

Elaine – 3pm TV3 –  Elaine has moved from her 11.30 slot on Midday to her new show Elaine at 3pm.  She has managed to retain the banter with her panelists on her new show and has included some one to one interviews and off site broadcasts on current affairs.  It’s a good show to watch as the topics discussed are very easy to relate to and no matter how serious the discussion is there will always be an element of humour and positivity.  Its like being out for a coffee with your friends only you are on your sofa and they are on telly but you can always text the show !

Judge Judy – Every now and then I tune in if I am in need of reassurance that I am a well balance normal human cause these guys are crazy suing each other being MAD

Celebrity Big Brother – OMG I am so addicted, I just love it, people watching is the best.

Now that should keep you going for a few hours. xxxx






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